Eyesover Public Opinion Research

Eyesover Technologies' software provides real-time custom public opinion research by analyzing online conversations about the issues that matter.

Monitor Issues

Time is of the essence when news is breaking. Eyesover Technologies uses proprietary artificial intelligence to continually search for issues being discussed online that are related to your operations, and provide real-time, detailed analysis of the topics and trends.

Issue Impact

When events happen, being aware isn’t enough. You need to know how events are impacting your operations or campaign in order to react. Eyesover’s real-time analysis features an impact analysis that tells you if an issue is causing a loss or gain of support.

Measure Support

With massive data samples that have been analyzed for content and opinion, we track support with our cost-effective alternative to traditional polling. The Eyesover platform continually produces accurate real-time polling results for users at a fraction of the cost of traditional polling.

Custom Reports

Data analytics has never been easier to understand through our cloud-based user interface, or our custom reporting suite that provides unlimited options for presenting the results to your entire team. Uncover the trends and top stories that are driving the public discussion around your operations.

Customer reviews

"The social media monitoring provided by Eyesover is a valuable supplement to traditional polling. It provides a more continuous stream of measurement and a different approach to understanding the subtleties of the public mood."
Scott Rasmussen
Scott Rasmussen
"Since working with Eyesover, we have been able to improve our reporting by providing in-depth audience insights that empower us far more than the typical engagement metrics. Eyesover is an integral part of our organization."
The Strategy Group
Ryan Rodgers
The Strategy Group Co
"Eyesover has allowed me to provide valuable, insightful, and actionable reporting narratives to my clients. Social data is an important part of the overall, modern, measurement mix. Also, Eyesover provides organized access to that unorganized world."
Adam Meldrum
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