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Post-Tulsa State Polls


It was a risky weekend for President Trump as his Tulsa rally fell far short of expected attendance. The benefit of the Eyesover system is that we can instantaneously see if events such as the Tulsa rally had an immediate impact on public opinion. So here are where our poll numbers in the states we reviewed on Friday currently stand (Friday result in parentheses):

Texas: D+2 (tie)

Arizona: D+4 (D+6)

Florida: D+6 (D+6)

Michigan: D+8 (D+10)

North Carolina: D+6 (D+4)

Pennsylvania: D+10 (D+12)

National: D+10 (D+10)

So a mixed bag of results with Biden’s lead increasing in two states and decreasing in three, with no change in Florida and nationally. All in all, it doesn’t appear that the Tulsa event has impacted the Trump campaign to any extent.

For other state data, check out our web app at m.eyesover.com for more detailed views of our candidate support polls and issue trends. Some of the other states we are monitoring for issue trends and public opinion include the following:

Colorado: D+12

Minnesota: D+10

Nevada: D+10

Wisconsin: D+12

For more information on how we calculate our numbers, please find our methodology here.

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