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Yesterday we described our national tracking polls for the 2020 Presidential Election, so today we’re going to look at some of the battleground states that we’ll be watching.

Texas: Tie For Donald Trump, this will be the best news we can offer, although, in a traditionally red state, the fact he is tied with Joe Biden is likely not the news he wants to hear.

Arizona: D+6 Both Biden and Trump are consistently generating slightly negative sentiment in online comments, but Biden’s tend to be less negative.

Florida: D+6 Closer than this score indicates. Trump was leading for the past two weeks, but he took a hit over the past two days due to the state’s COVID-19 surge.

Michigan: D+10 This is the largest lead Biden has held, but it has not been any less than a six-point lead over the past month.

North Carolina: D+4 Biden has maintained a slim lead in NC all month with a four-point lead being the largest to date.

Pennsylvania: D+12 Real-time data means swings happen quickly, and that is what we see in PA as a four-point Biden lead has ballooned to twelve points over the past two days.

National: D+10 The President’s surge from earlier this week is heading in reverse.

For other state polling data, check out our political web app at m.eyesover.com for more detailed views of candidate support and issue trends.

For more information on how we calculate our numbers, please find our methodology here.

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