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Social Data and COVID-19


As we close in on the third month of living with COVID-19 restrictions, we are starting to see the full range of changes we can expect in our future economic lives.

Whether it is the shift to working from home arrangements, social distancing, or restricted travel, the way our economy functions will undoubtedly look different in the months and years ahead.

As we make these changes and transitions to the “new normal,” clear and effective communication will be critical to ensure the public receives the message you intend to deliver.

For the past months, Eyesover has been working with governments, providing real-time data on what pandemic-related issues the public is discussing and their opinions of government decisions. The importance of ensuring government and public health communications during the current pandemic is clear and well understood cannot be overstated.

Eyesover has detected multiple situations over the past months, where governments announced new pandemic rules, but the immediate public comments indicated there was a level of confusion among the population. With this knowledge, the Governments were able to immediately clarify their message while the confusion was developing, minimizing the risk that could be caused by the public acting on misunderstood rules.

This feedback loop is often missing from communication strategies, with situations where large audiences receive the wrong message due to a lack of clarity that goes uncorrected. Eyesover provides the instantaneous feedback that ensures organizations are delivering, and the intended recipients are receiving the right message.

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