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Rough week for Trump – Polls down


After some positive momentum after his Mount Rushmore event on Independence Day weekend, President Trump hit a rough patch last week – namely COVID-19.

As we indicated last week, Trump started losing his Rushmore gain the following Monday with various ill-timed tweets. But the slide continued throughout the week as the President’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant increases in negative sentiment throughout our data.

Looking at some of the state numbers, there is just nothing good at all for Trump in the data.

Texas: D+6

Arizona: D+10

Florida: D+8

Michigan: D+12

North Carolina: D+8

Pennsylvania: D+12

In each of those races, the President’s support declined one point except for Arizona, where it fell three. In the national race, Trump is back to a 12-point deficit against Joe Biden, whose low-key approach to things has been working well as sentiment expressed in Biden mentions online are tracking 2-4 points higher than Trump in all of the states we are currently watching.

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