Eyesover Public Opinion Research

The Eyesover Platform

Real-time research to stay on top of the latest trends

With so much of today’s discourse occurring online, we see those conversations as an untapped data source that can provide real-time public research & opinion as events are happening.

The Eyesover platform continuously searches social media and online news for the conversations related to your sector or campaign and then analyzes the information for public opinion.

  • Our user interface provides all the insights you need on issues or entities.
  • You can select any combination of issues and entities to see the volume and sentiment of discussions. Through our Impact to Support metric, you can determine if opinions change based on real-time messaging or events.
  • We can also provide views into jurisdictions as small as a city or as large as a country.
  • Our Support Index metrics provides a real-time alternative to traditional polls that consistently provides accurate insights.
  • The Support Index is updated hourly so you can quickly determine when changes in support are occurring and understand the exact causes of those changes.
  • Our custom reporting suite allows you to use any data points in the system to provide custom reports to your clients or campaigns.
  • Templates can be saved, and the system will continuously update the data, so your report is always providing you with the latest information.
  • Real-time data ensures decision-makers understand their sector landscape and are aware of public policy or major issue changes and reactions as they occur.
  • Eyesover eliminates the need for expert staff to spend their time sorting through massive volumes of data to uncover policy-related information so they can focus on policy, not data gathering.
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