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Emergencies Act Impact On Liberal Public Opinion

There is a lot of negativity in the Canadian political arena being directed towards the Liberals and PM Trudeau over the Emergencies Act. The average sentiment of online mentions is pushing public opinion well into negative territory on elevated volume. But…the highly negative criticism is generally from individuals who are always critical of the Liberals.

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Liberal Minority, Again

So, in the end, we are right back to where we started. A Liberal minority government, a Conservative Official Opposition, and the NDP and Bloc are holding considerable sway over the House of Commons. At Eyesover, we are pleased with our system’s performance as our Monday morning numbers pointed to the same outcome. Unfortunately, Canadian

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Republicans and the new Texas Abortion Laws

With Texas’ new abortion laws in effect, the controversial changes continue to drive the debate. The volume of online discussion about the issue spiked ten-fold over the first 48 hours after the laws came into force on September 1. Most of the discussion expressed opposition to the changes, as the overall average sentiment dropped into

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Mandatory Vaccines

One of the first campaign announcements made in the current Canadian election was the governing Liberal’s promise to require public servants to be vaccinated for COVID-19. From the focus on how the Liberals went to great lengths to contrast their position with the Conservatives, it was clear the intention was to establish a wedge issue

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Biden’s Gamble

It’s no secret that President Biden’s support numbers have taken a hit over the past week as the majority of polls released over the past few days have his disapproval numbers in an upward trend. Whether it is Rasmussen Reports, Morning Consult, or YouGov, they all show lower approval and higher disapproval ratings when compared

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