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POTUS National Polling


Today we launch our POTUS tracking where we will provide periodic updates on our Donald Trump and Joe Biden national polls through our real-time polling, sentiment analysis, and issue monitoring.

We use online data to determine support levels for the candidates, which is driven by the sentiment of the comments we capture from social media and online news sites. By using online data, we can provide a real-time view of the political landscape and use a sample size that averages 20,000 per day.

So let’s get to it!

Today, we see Biden with a six-point advantage over Trump, a marked improvement for the President over the 14 point deficit he faced during the first week of June. It is yet another example of the pattern we have previously discussed for the past two years. The President will go through a period of negative sentiment and falling support, only to recover within weeks and the BLM protests are the most recent example. In fact, while Biden held a four-point advantage over Trump on sentiment at the start of June, that gap has closed to a single point today.

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