Eyesover Public Opinion Research


Overview Page

The Overview page focuses on organizations or individuals and their relative support levels


The Support Score is Eyesover’s equivalent to a poll, providing each entity’s (organization or individual) share of accounts expressing support according to our algorithm. The score will always be a percentage. There are no undecided accounts in the calculation. The methodology is available here.

The number of unique accounts talking about the entity over the past 24 hours, followed by an estimate of the number of unique accounts over 30 days.

The number of times the most discussed topic that included a reference to the entity over the past 24 hours has been mentioned.

The number of unique accounts mentioning the entity over the past 14 days (or the number of days the system has been running).

The average sentiment over the past 24 hours recorded in posts mentioning the entity. The scale is 0-100, but extreme values are rare. Scores generally fall in a range of 40-60, with 50 being the neutral point.

Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page focuses on the issues and the frequency/sentiment of mentions.


Topic Stats

Past 24 hours frequency and average sentiment (0-100 range) for each topic. Click the topic to change the 30-day graph and related data on the page. Click on the chat bubble to view source content pre-filtered to the current topic and any other parameters. Parameters can be changed on the dashboard at the top of the page (Date/Entity/Location).

30 Day Graph

Number of unique accounts that have mentioned each topic. Color represents the average sentiment (red = negative, green = positive).

Top Identifiers

The most frequent keywords found in the comments about the topic.

Support Gain/Loss

We track Twitter users’ opinions by their username (no personal information) over time to determine which entity they are likely to support. The support gain/loss metric compares the current day’s comments against our historical profiles to determine if any accounts have changed their opinions. On the chart, green = previously negative or neutral towards an entity, now positive; red = previously positive or neutral towards the entity and now negative. 

Content Page

Source content from the various social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, News) can be filtered by location, entity, topic or date. Always click the magnifying glass to enter your request after changing the filters.



Our report builder can be customized to report any data in the system using various widgets that can be adjusted by date range, entity or topic. Start on the left menu to create a report (top icon) and add the widgets (+ icon). To save a report, edit its name at the top of the page. To print or schedule emailed reports, click the printer or email icons on the left menu.

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