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Liberal Minority, Again


So, in the end, we are right back to where we started. A Liberal minority government, a Conservative Official Opposition, and the NDP and Bloc are holding considerable sway over the House of Commons.

At Eyesover, we are pleased with our system’s performance as our Monday morning numbers pointed to the same outcome. Unfortunately, Canadian election laws prohibit publicly posting poll results on Election Day, but those following along on our app (available here) know that our real-time numbers Monday morning had the Liberals in the lead, with the Conservatives just one point behind after closing the gap Sunday night.

Canadian Election Results

Compared to the results as they stand this today (Tuesday AM actuals), we find that we projected the NDP (18) and PPC (5) support levels correctly, the CPC (34) within one, the Liberals (32) and Green (2) within two, and Bloc (8) within three.

Overall, it was another case of Eyesover’s social media analysis providing an accurate alternative or augmentation to traditional polling methods!

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