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For professionals who need to stay on top of the latest news and events, social media analysis is a critical tool they can use to gain public opinion insights. But with so much data available via social media, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the volume and head down rabbit holes that might be interesting but don’t lead to a clear picture of what is happening concerning the issues that matter.

Learning About Public Opinion from from Social Media

One of the main problems with social media platforms is that they rarely provide you with the whole picture. Because feeds are self-selected and very likely to reflect the feed owner’s views, it is critical to look beyond your feed on social media to get all opinions related to an issue or topic. As a result, the first key to using social media to learn about ongoing issues is to use a tool that captures all relevant data, not just the content from accounts we follow.

The second key is to understand how the opinions are changing. Snapshots of public opinion are interesting, but fundamental insights are gained when we understand if opinions are trending positively or negatively. In particular, if an organization’s supporters turn negative or detractors’ opinions turn positive.

When all the data is available, we understand what is happening. With an understanding of changing opinions, we know how it is happening. But understanding why these changes are occurring gives professionals the information they need to mitigate risks or take advantage of opportunities. Knowing the specific aspects of issues or ongoing discussions that are the underlying cause of opinion changes allows organizations to change direction or messaging in real-time, minimizing the damage an issue could potentially cause.

While there are numerous social media monitoring platforms in the marketplace, Eyesover has been specifically developed to provide professionals with the ability to understand the issues down to the root cause and provide the metrics needed to make quick decisions to ensure organizations stay ahead of any problems emerging online. Contact us to take advantage of a free trial system or more information about how Eyesover can help you and your organization

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