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State POTUS Polls

Yesterday we described our national tracking polls for the 2020 Presidential Election, so today we’re going to look at some of the battleground states that we’ll be watching. Texas: Tie For Donald Trump, this will be the best news we can offer, although, in a traditionally red state, the fact he is tied with Joe

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POTUS National Polling

Today we launch our POTUS tracking where we will provide periodic updates on our Donald Trump and Joe Biden national polls through our real-time polling, sentiment analysis, and issue monitoring. We use online data to determine support levels for the candidates, which is driven by the sentiment of the comments we capture from social media

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Social Data and COVID-19

As we close in on the third month of living with COVID-19 restrictions, we are starting to see the full range of changes we can expect in our future economic lives. Whether it is the shift to working from home arrangements, social distancing, or restricted travel, the way our economy functions will undoubtedly look different

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Bloomberg’s Failed Debut

The Las Vegas Democratic Debate’s main draw was the new guy on the stage. After spending the entire campaign on the sidelines, it was time for America to see Bloomberg finally perform on the stage. How did he do? The general opinion is not very well, but we wanted to see if it was as

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The Democrats Iowa Debate Takeaways

The Iowa debate saw six of the candidates take to the stage in the last debate for the Democrats before the Iowas caucuses, and Eyesover was monitoring the online reaction in real-time. Here were the four key takeaways: 1) Frontrunners = Negativity The three candidates who generated positive sentiment online during the debate, Buttigieg, Klobuchar,

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Messaging Matters

As we pour through the data from Monday’s Canadian election, some late campaign movements have been very eye-opening in terms of the factors that likely caused them. The campaign, for the most part, was fairly stable with the Liberals and Conservatives neck and neck for the top spot, while we saw a steady rise in

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