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Polls show small improvements for Trump

We discussed last week how the President’s poll numbers seemed to be in a downward spiral, a notion that was backed up by almost all polls aggregated at 538 and Real Clear Politics. However, this week has provided a small amount of relief to the Trump campaign as our polling shows some slight improvements in

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Rough week for Trump – Polls down

After some positive momentum after his Mount Rushmore event on Independence Day weekend, President Trump hit a rough patch last week – namely COVID-19. As we indicated last week, Trump started losing his Rushmore gain the following Monday with various ill-timed tweets. But the slide continued throughout the week as the President’s response to the

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Trump-Biden Poll Update – Mount Rushmore Version

As most people took a break from politics over the holiday weekend, we kept our eye on our poll data on the Eyesover Politics App, primarily because we were interested in the impact Trump’s speech from Mount Rushmore would have. Why would this particular event hold our attention during a holiday weekend? It’s because an

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The Language of COVID-19

At Eyesover, we find and analyze the discussions that are taking place online about the topics and issues that matter to our users. The global pandemic is front and center on social media, and both corporations and governments are anxious to learn how the public feels about decisions and policies that are implemented and changing

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COVID-19 and Biden’s Lead in the Polls

The last couple of weeks have been very good for Joe Biden in the polls. With his lead in the national polls averaging ten points and that in battleground states coming in surprisingly strong, we take a look to see what’s driving Biden’s polling numbers. Our numbers at Eyesover, developed from online data, have been

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Post-Tulsa State Polls

It was a risky weekend for President Trump as his Tulsa rally fell far short of expected attendance. The benefit of the Eyesover system is that we can instantaneously see if events such as the Tulsa rally had an immediate impact on public opinion. So here are where our poll numbers in the states we

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