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Trump’s SCOTUS Decision

Last week’s passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg created a whole new dynamic to the Presidential Election. Within only a few days, it has become clear that the President’s decision to move ahead with a nominee will dominate the public’s attention for the foreseeable future, with issues such as COVID-19 taking a back

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Biden maintains advantage in Battleground States

Biden maintains advantage in Battleground StatesSep 18The conventions have come and gone, and for those who were hoping for a big shakeup in the polling numbers heading into the home stretch, we do not have great news. Arizona: D+4 (no change) Florida: D+4 (no change) Michigan: D+10 (+2) Minnesota: D+14 (+4) North Carolina: D+8 (+2)

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Eyesover in the Wall Street Journal

We were recently mentioned in the Wall Street Journal for our work with AdVictory and Relative Insight and our innovative approach to public opinion measurement. “Republican digital strategist Adam Meldrum recently set up a custom system using two technology and analytics firms—Eyesover Technologies Inc. and Relative Insight Ltd.—to compare support for Mr. Trump and Mr.

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Digital Politics Podcast

CEO Craig Leonard spoke with Karen Jagoda on the Digital Politics podcast today about our real-time public opinion research. Have a listen!

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Convention bounce helps Trump

Just as we predicted, the President is enjoying a convention bounce that is now reported in several polls, just as we had observed before the convention had ended last weekend (thank you real-time data!). Nationally, the President had closed the gap to six points, but that number has increased back to the 10-12 range observed

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Biden maintains strong leads in polls

No news has been good news for Joe Biden as he remains firmly in control of the race for the White House. While the President has had moments in our real-time poll numbers where he closes the national gap to single digits, Biden’s lead invariably returns to the current low double digits just as it

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