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Canadians on COVID

Canadians on Covid. Since second vaccinations and reopenings are in full swing across Canada, we thought we would look at the public discourse to determine what issues and topics are the focus of current discussions across the country. From an online sample of over 10,000 pandemic-related comments posted over the past 24 hours, retrieved and

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Election Day Sentiment

As millions cast their ballots, we take one last look at our real-time data to see how voters are discussing the two candidates on the big day. We see a decided upward swing in positive sentiment for Joe Biden this morning in every battleground state we have been monitoring. While Biden has always maintained an

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Too little, too late?

Trump is showing signs of life in Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, but the Keystone State remains firmly in Biden’s control in our Eyesover numbers on Election Day eve. Similar to the previous few weeks, as Trump makes gains in some states, he slips in others, leaving him with too few potential wins to tip

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Biden Maintains Leads

Days away from November 3 and the surge Donald Trump needs to catch Joe Biden has failed to materialize at this point. We have recorded some significant changes in Biden’s leads at the state level, both positive and negative, but the bad news for Trump is that the changes that reduce Biden’s advantage are generally

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Biden in Control

With less than two weeks left to go to Election Day, the surge that President Trump needs to catch Joe Biden has yet to happen, and given the current trends in this week’s Eyesover numbers, it doesn’t look like it will. While Trump has gained ground in some states, it has occurred in states that

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Presidential Debate I

Entering Tuesday’s debate, one thing was clear. President Trump needed a win. With Joe Biden enjoying significant leads in both the national and state-level polls, the debate was an opportunity for Trump to shake up the race and build on the positive momentum he had thanks to his appointment of Amy Coney Barrett as his

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