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Biden’s Gamble


It’s no secret that President Biden’s support numbers have taken a hit over the past week as the majority of polls released over the past few days have his disapproval numbers in an upward trend. Whether it is Rasmussen Reports, Morning Consult, or YouGov, they all show lower approval and higher disapproval ratings when compared to his previous ratings.

Biden Sentiment

Our Eyesover numbers have followed the same trend with a significant drop in the online sentiment expressed in comments about the President. The conservations were increasingly negative leading up to Sunday when the numbers hit a low point as the Taliban took control of Kabul.

However, while Biden has been criticized for avoiding the media and keeping a low profile over the past few days, the sentiment trend is improving. While the trend could be a short-term blip or coincidence, others believe it is by design.

Baker NYT Tweet

Peter Baker of the New York Times tweeted today that perhaps Biden’s plan is relying on the American public “won’t care what happens in Afghanistan as long as Americans are safe. To their point, today there are no front-page stories on Afghanistan in cities like Boston, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Fresno or Miami.”

With the sentiment trend that we are seeing online, it appears that he and Biden’s team could very well be correct and that despite all of the criticism directed towards the President, he and his team are going to wait it out.

August 20 Update: It’s not going according to their plan.

Biden Sentiment

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