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Biden maintains advantage in Battleground States


Biden maintains advantage in Battleground States
Sep 18
The conventions have come and gone, and for those who were hoping for a big shakeup in the polling numbers heading into the home stretch, we do not have great news.

Arizona: D+4 (no change)

Florida: D+4 (no change)

Michigan: D+10 (+2)

Minnesota: D+14 (+4)

North Carolina: D+8 (+2)

Pennsylvania: D+6 (-2)

Texas: D+2 (no change)

Wisconsin: D+10 (+2)

National: D+8 (-2)

While some states have remained very positive for Biden, the six-point lead in Pennsylvania represents a six-point drop from his largest lead in the summer. Additionally, the Florida and Texas numbers are the result of Trump maintaining the bump he received from the Republican convention. And of course, the national number is improving for Trump as he has been able to cut Biden’s lead, that was once as high at 14, down to eight.

That being said, things remain very positive for Biden. He continues to lead in all of our battleground states and is growing his lead in critical states such as North Carolina and Michigan. The fact remains that his eight-point national lead is a position any candidate would gladly take this close to the election.

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